CCTV Data Recovery Software

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) also referred to us video surveillance is used almost everywhere for traffic monitoring, prevention of crime, control of retails, home security among other usages. The footage from the CCTV cameras are stored automatically on hard drives, Pen drives, SSD, SD cards and other storage medias via Network Video Recorder (NVRs) or Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). At times, due to hardware or software issues, these CCTV video footages and images may be deleted.

What will you do if by accident your CCTV footage is deleted, damaged or get lost due to physical failure, logical failure or manual intervention of your CCTV NVR? Well, most people will panic out. However, there are different ways through which you can easily restore or recover your lost images. The videos or images can be recovered by restoring backup, recovery tool or services.

There are three CCTV video recover methods from any NVR or DVR. Let us look at each of the methods.

1.Using Stellar Phoenix Recovery Software

Third party software come in handy when you do not maintain any backup of lost videos or images. Irrespective of the loss, the powerful photos, and videos can be done using Stellar Phoenix Recovery software. Additionally, Stellar Phoenix Recovery Software supports all formats of videos and Image files from an NVR or DVR record. To use this software, follow the below steps.

  • Connect your drive to a PC.
  • From home screen, click Recover photo, Video or Audio.
  • Next, select the drive letter that is associated with your surveillance cameras.
  • Select advanced setting options, and then select what you want to retrieve using the supported file formats.
  • Click scan now.
  • All the images and videos on the surveillance devices will be listed.
  • Select all the videos or images you want to recover and then click on recover tab and save the files to your desired location.


2. Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUs data recovery wizard allows you to effectively recover formatted, erased or deleted files in Windows 7/8/10 hard drive. To efficiently use this wizard, follow the below process.

  • Connect your DVR or CCTV hard drive to a PC.
  • Run the EaseUS software and select the drive associated with your DVR or CCTV and click Scan.
  • After a quick Scan, the software will perform a deep scan to find more files and lost data.
  • From the list, select and restore the files to a location of your choice.
  • After selecting the files, click Recover to save the videos.


3.Restore CCTV videos from Backups.

If you have accidentally deleted CCTV footage from your NVR, you can directly try to recover the footage from the backups.

  • Find and locate the video back up folder.
  • Select the exact video you have deleted from the NVR, DVR or hard drive.
  • Copy and restore the found video back to the hard drive.

Final Thoughts

If you by any chance you have deleted files from your CCTV, NVR or hard drive, there is no need to worry. Before you try using any software to retrieve the footage, find out if there is a backup from you can easily retrieve the lost images or videos. If there are no backups, then using EaseUS and Stellar Phoenix recovery software’s come in handy. Follow the highlighted procedure for each software and you will recover the lost footage.



Top Five Cloud Backup And Recovery Software Vendors Revealed

People seem to wonder about the cloud backup and recovery market. So this article presents information about the top five backup and recovery software vendors revealed. It appears to be that on-demand cloud service providers will have a major influence in relation to significantly boosting the cloud backup and recovery software market on an impressive global scale.

  1. CA Technology has its beginnings in the year 1974. It is presently based with its headquarters in New York in the nation of the United States of America. This company is responsible for designing and marketing licenses. It also provides support for standard computer software products. This company has five thousand one hundred employees across the globe and has a revenue of approximately $4.26 billion in USD. This company is the proud owner of one thousand patients across the world. It achieved the impressive accomplishment of being able to invest $600 million USD into the development of software per year.


  1. CommVault Systems provides consumers with data management software applications and other associated services. This company plays a key role in developing, selling and marketing a wide spectrum of data management software applications in order to manage and protect data during the entire lifecycle of the data. This company was established in the year of 1996 but previously had commenced as a development group that was associated with Bell Labs in the year of 1988. This company has formed strategic liaisons with high industry companies such as Microsoft, Hitachi Data Systems, VMware and even HP. It grants solutions as needed by mid-sized and large enterprise in the industry today.


  1. EMC was established in the year of 1979 and has placed its operational headquarters in Hopkinton within the nation of the United States of America. This company is responsible for marketing a massive selection of products to the nations of China, Brazil, Israel, France, Russia, Ireland, Singapore, India and even the United States of America. This company is able to provide information security, data storage, analytics, virtualization, cloud computing, along with other products and services that empower businesses to be able to manage, store, protect and analyze all their pertinent data.


  1. Microsoft is known around the world. It has its beginnings relating to the year 1975. This company has established its headquarters in Washington in the nation of the United States of America. Its primary function is to develop, license and support a wide scope of software products and related services. The company is able to offer solutions to the industrial market that include server applications for distributed computing, business application devices, servers, phones, productivity solutions, desktop management tools and even server management tools.


  1. IBM is also a world leader and well known. It is stationed with a headquarters in New York in the nation of the United States of America. This company provides a vast array of hardware, software, consulting services and even infrastructure services. This company provides employment for more than three hundred seventy-nine thousand and five hundred employees over the span of one hundred and seventy-five nations across the world. IBM functions in serving multiple varied industries, which include the automotive industry, banking, chemicals and petroleum industries, communications, insurance, life sciences, media, entertainment, metal industries, mining and even retail.







How to Recover Deleted iCloud Data?

You are suggested to be the happy owner of the latest version of Apple. So, you have already got the hand at using iCloud as the main cloud storage for essential information. To tell the truth, the service cannot be considered extremely functional, but it means a good deal when you are in a huge need of restoring deleted iCloud data.

The removed iPhone data cannot become the reason to be upset. Of course, your music and video files are regarded as primary importance, but generally, it doesn’t matter if you delete the data by accident or on purpose. The main thing is that you have 30 days to restore them from iCloud. That’s the period of time they will be stored on Apple’s servers.

However, the restoration of data isn’t the most conspicuous place, so let’s find this hidden feature and analyze the points of how to recover those or other data on your gimmicky gadget.

The only thing you can be afraid of in your smartphone is the accidental deletion of files because often they are stored there without copies elsewhere. It turns out that the deleted files in iCloud Drive, including contacts and calendars, can be restored.

What is the general algorithm for restoring deleted information on iCloud? 

  •  Open
  •  Sign in to your account and go to iCloud Drive.
  •  Click on the name in the upper-right corner and select «iCloud Settings.”
  •  At the bottom of the page, you are able to find out three options: “Restore Files”, “Restore Contacts”, “Reset calendars and reminders.”
  •  Select the first option and point out the files you want to restore.

To the right of the deleted files, the smartphone will show the time remaining until their final disposal. After this period, it will be impossible to bring the files back to life. With regard to the calendars and contacts, they are restored from the saved files, which are created automatically at regular intervals.

One should keep in mind that restoring contacts and calendar differs from the file recovery. In the first case, you don’t get back any remote recording. Instead, the system makes a backup of your data at regular intervals and allows the state to return the calendar and contacts on a certain date. By the way, Apple company undertakes storing backup copies of data and deleted files for 30 days, so your valuable information is available in the iCloud both with a free account and a paid expansion.



Guide to preparing a disaster recovery plan for a small business

The aim of any disaster recovery plan is to prevent disaster from striking or preventing any further damage in case it was too late to prevent it and to help the business recover, shortest time possible from the impact of the disaster in case it caused a lot of damage.


How to go about preparing a disaster recovery plan

Steps followed include;

  •  Acquire management commitment towards the plan, they are the overall head in the business and so for the plan to be effective it has to have a go-ahead from the management.
  • Establishment of a planning committee, the process is quite involving and we can’t risk utilizing the business resources for an endeavor that will not yield results or burden a single person with the entire process. The committee is tasked with, developing the plan, evaluating it and implementing the recovery plan.
  • The planning committee conducts a risk analysis and its impact on business, its aimed at assessing the impact of disaster occurrence on the business such as safety of critical documents and vital records of the business and the extent of damage that may occur e.g. in case of a natural disaster. It then assesses the cost of minimizing these risks.
  •  The committee evaluates and establishes the priorities (what is more crucial, that the business can’t do without) in each department and assesses the effect of them not functioning (how long can the business operations proceed without the service) so that they will be given priority in the recovery plan to prevent bringing the business activities into a standstill.
  •  Having established the points of priority the committee evaluates the alternatives that will be used in the various process; in case this process fails, which is its alternative for the business to get running? Data is then collected on all equipment in the business and recorded, on employees; contact and back up contacts, insurance policies and all important records in the business and where they are located.

  •  Having gathered the relevant information, the plan is then documented, stating every detail and procedure to be undertaken in case of a disaster including whom to contact, measures to take before more help arrives, backup equipment and where to get them and how to access them too.
  •  Once the plan is in place, it has to be tested to evaluate its efficiency, identify areas that need modification, in the process of testing, the team will gain training on what to do when the need arises. The test criteria are established by the committee and they facilitate the actual testing.
  •  Once it’s texted and found to be effective and the appropriate modification made it’s submitted for approval by the management and on approval it becomes operational.

This is a simple guide that every manager of a small business will be able to follow and come up with a recovery plan. Protect your business data and ensure the going concern for your business.


Introduction to How Computer Forensics Works

Computer forensics can be described as a branch of forensic science that has become increasingly important over the years. Since cybercrimes are on the rise, this type of technology is being used to solve all kinds of different court cases. Based on the work that these computer experts do, the most difficult and complex cases can now be solved. Therefore, it has also grown into one of the technologies most exciting and cutting-edge careers.

Deals with Cyber Crimes by Providing Evidence for Court Cases

Even though computer forensics is a relatively new area of forensic science, it is important to note that forensic science itself has been around for a long time. Therefore, people who decide to work in this area can take advantage of a wide range of older evidence collecting methods to create new innovative standards that work both effectively and efficiently. For instance, the traditional fingerprint collecting methods have now been transformed into digital fingerprints. Simply stated, when a computer forensic specialist collects their data, they can build a complete profile that tracks the evidence in that’s needed from its origination to its final destination. Therefore, if an individual decides to hack into a company’s network to steal data, a profile can be built that will tell which computers were used, how many computers were involved, when and other critical information that’s needed to build a solid case against the real perpetrators.

Restores Data from Software and Hardware Problems

When a forensics specialist is involved in any type of computer crime, they must be well versed in numerous areas of storing, restoring, and accessing computer data. Simply stated, these professionals must have the experience and knowledge that’s needed to restore data that comes from a software problem as well as problems that are initiated from hard drive issues. The software problems that an individual encounters may exist because the files that they working with are now corrupt. On the other hand, the problems that exist may be due to a bad hard drive. In either case, these specialists must solve the problems and provide the essential advice that will prevent it from happening again. One of the best ways to accomplish this kind of task is to make sure the client has an effective plan for data storage. For instance, to keep it from occurring, large organizations can benefit from a RAID recovery system.

Provides Electronic Data Discovery Services

Since cyber crimes can differ from one case to another, these professionals are normally prepared to deal with a diversity of issues. Some of the more commonly known include retrieving vital data from computers and computer networks as a part of discovery for a case. For instance, here are a few of the basic services that these professionals provide.

Web pages

E-mail correspondence



Instant Messaging

Spreadsheet Files

Accounting Systems

Word processing

Photos from digital cameras

Audio/video information retrieved from digital video recorders, flash drives and so on

All of which that can be requested at any time by clients from different industries. Further, as the need for this area of forensic science grows, these services are not only being requested by legal agencies, but also by small companies and large corporations alike.



High Expectations As iDR Studio Upgrades iPhone Data Recovery To Support iOS 9.3

iDR studio has upgraded iPhone data recovery to support iOS 9.3. This will enable users of iOS devices to scan and recover deleted data from iPad and iPhone devices which run on iOS 9.3. It will also allow them to back up data from both iCloud and iTunes. This is perhaps the best improvement to be made on iPhone data recovery application because it comes with enhanced compatibility and functionality.

According to iDR studio, the new iPhone data recovery software is specially designed for users of iOS devices. They will be using it to directly restore deleted data. On top of that, the software will play a big role in assisting them to extract essential data without the risk of losing important files from their iOS devices. This impressive functionality will encourage many users to install the software so that they can enjoy its benefits.

The new software comes with enhanced features which makes it more efficient and effective. For instance, it has a high accuracy of iPhone contact recovery ability. This will allow users to accurately restore their lost contacts so that they can continue to be in touch. It does not alter contacts at all. This exceptional level of accuracy is what makes it lovable hence worth installing.

In addition, the iPhone data recovery software will allow users to fix bugs. This is very encouraging because there are very few types of software that provide this kind of service. By fixing bugs, users will be able to improve software performance for the best results. This makes it worth purchase.

Some of the deleted data that this iPhone data recovery software will recover include text messages, videos, photos, calendars, WhatsApp messages, call history, safari bookmarks, iMessages and many more. Users will, therefore, continue to have access to this information.

To add on, iDR studio also confirmed that the software will also extract photos, videos, contacts, reminders, TV shows, voice memos, safari bookmarks, contacts and voice email from back up files like iCloud and iTunes.

The most beautiful thing about this incredible software is that there is a free trial version. Interested users can download the trial version online and see how it works regarding recovering data for their iOs devices before eventually making up their mind to buy. The studio will continue to commit itself in tiring to solve data problems especially among users of iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. On the other hand, user expectations are still high.


Data Security Enhanced As Technology To Securely Turn Biometric Data Into A Cryptographic Key Is Developed

The company has announced technology that will securely turn biometric data such as models, samples, and fingerprints into a cryptographic key. This latest development will help to improve data security and protection through the use of more advanced encryption methods. Peoples’ confidential information such as passwords and user ID will be excellently protected. This is one of the best inventions made by the company. It is bound to have a great impact on data security.

This new technology will replace conventional methods which require biometric data to be

sent through a particular network before encryption can take place. Such methods threaten the security of data especially when it is sent over a network. This implies that this cutting-edge technology will not only quicken the process of turning biometric data into a cryptographic key but also enhance its security.

This groundbreaking technology will use random numbers to convert biometric data into a cryptographic key for both decryption and encryption, thereby making it possible to manage confidential data of a person using biometric data. It will also prevent the biometric data that has not been turned into a cryptographic key from passing through an insecure network.

According to the company, this remarkable technology will make the process of biometric authentification much easier and convenient. It will allow companies and individuals to verify the identity of any person who tries to access confidential data that is being managed online.

The company also stated that this move will help to reduce the costs of turning biometric data into a cryptographic key. This is because it will eliminate the need for sending such data over a network which usually involves data charges. Besides, it is risky for information. The technology will, therefore, enable many corporations and individuals reduce on their costs thus increase in profits.

The much-awaited technology has excellent extraction ability. This will make it possible to extract any biometric data like fingerprints, samples, ID and securely turn it into a cryptographic key. It will, therefore, eliminate any worries of not working with certain types of biometric data.

On top of that, the new technology comes with error correcting codes to ensure maximum protection of your biometric data. This will help to generate encrypted data that will later be registered in the server.

Many people are anticipating to start using this outstanding technology and see how it works.