CCTV Data Recovery Software

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) also referred to us video surveillance is used almost everywhere for traffic monitoring, prevention of crime, control of retails, home security among other usages. The footage from the CCTV cameras are stored automatically on hard drives, Pen drives, SSD, SD cards and other storage medias via Network Video Recorder (NVRs) or Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). At times, due to hardware or software issues, these CCTV video footages and images may be deleted.

What will you do if by accident your CCTV footage is deleted, damaged or get lost due to physical failure, logical failure or manual intervention of your CCTV NVR? Well, most people will panic out. However, there are different ways through which you can easily restore or recover your lost images. The videos or images can be recovered by restoring backup, recovery tool or services.

There are three CCTV video recover methods from any NVR or DVR. Let us look at each of the methods.

1.Using Stellar Phoenix Recovery Software

Third party software come in handy when you do not maintain any backup of lost videos or images. Irrespective of the loss, the powerful photos, and videos can be done using Stellar Phoenix Recovery software. Additionally, Stellar Phoenix Recovery Software supports all formats of videos and Image files from an NVR or DVR record. To use this software, follow the below steps.

  • Connect your drive to a PC.
  • From home screen, click Recover photo, Video or Audio.
  • Next, select the drive letter that is associated with your surveillance cameras.
  • Select advanced setting options, and then select what you want to retrieve using the supported file formats.
  • Click scan now.
  • All the images and videos on the surveillance devices will be listed.
  • Select all the videos or images you want to recover and then click on recover tab and save the files to your desired location.


2. Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUs data recovery wizard allows you to effectively recover formatted, erased or deleted files in Windows 7/8/10 hard drive. To efficiently use this wizard, follow the below process.

  • Connect your DVR or CCTV hard drive to a PC.
  • Run the EaseUS software and select the drive associated with your DVR or CCTV and click Scan.
  • After a quick Scan, the software will perform a deep scan to find more files and lost data.
  • From the list, select and restore the files to a location of your choice.
  • After selecting the files, click Recover to save the videos.


3.Restore CCTV videos from Backups.

If you have accidentally deleted CCTV footage from your NVR, you can directly try to recover the footage from the backups.

  • Find and locate the video back up folder.
  • Select the exact video you have deleted from the NVR, DVR or hard drive.
  • Copy and restore the found video back to the hard drive.

Final Thoughts

If you by any chance you have deleted files from your CCTV, NVR or hard drive, there is no need to worry. Before you try using any software to retrieve the footage, find out if there is a backup from you can easily retrieve the lost images or videos. If there are no backups, then using EaseUS and Stellar Phoenix recovery software’s come in handy. Follow the highlighted procedure for each software and you will recover the lost footage.