Introduction to How Computer Forensics Works

Computer forensics can be described as a branch of forensic science that has become increasingly important over the years. Since cybercrimes are on the rise, this type of technology is being used to solve all kinds of different court cases. Based on the work that these computer experts do, the most difficult and complex cases can now be solved. Therefore, it has also grown into one of the technologies most exciting and cutting-edge careers.

Deals with Cyber Crimes by Providing Evidence for Court Cases

Even though computer forensics is a relatively new area of forensic science, it is important to note that forensic science itself has been around for a long time. Therefore, people who decide to work in this area can take advantage of a wide range of older evidence collecting methods to create new innovative standards that work both effectively and efficiently. For instance, the traditional fingerprint collecting methods have now been transformed into digital fingerprints. Simply stated, when a computer forensic specialist collects their data, they can build a complete profile that tracks the evidence in that’s needed from its origination to its final destination. Therefore, if an individual decides to hack into a company’s network to steal data, a profile can be built that will tell which computers were used, how many computers were involved, when and other critical information that’s needed to build a solid case against the real perpetrators.

Restores Data from Software and Hardware Problems

When a forensics specialist is involved in any type of computer crime, they must be well versed in numerous areas of storing, restoring, and accessing computer data. Simply stated, these professionals must have the experience and knowledge that’s needed to restore data that comes from a software problem as well as problems that are initiated from hard drive issues. The software problems that an individual encounters may exist because the files that they working with are now corrupt. On the other hand, the problems that exist may be due to a bad hard drive. In either case, these specialists must solve the problems and provide the essential advice that will prevent it from happening again. One of the best ways to accomplish this kind of task is to make sure the client has an effective plan for data storage. For instance, to keep it from occurring, large organizations can benefit from a RAID recovery system.

Provides Electronic Data Discovery Services

Since cyber crimes can differ from one case to another, these professionals are normally prepared to deal with a diversity of issues. Some of the more commonly known include retrieving vital data from computers and computer networks as a part of discovery for a case. For instance, here are a few of the basic services that these professionals provide.

Web pages

E-mail correspondence



Instant Messaging

Spreadsheet Files

Accounting Systems

Word processing

Photos from digital cameras

Audio/video information retrieved from digital video recorders, flash drives and so on

All of which that can be requested at any time by clients from different industries. Further, as the need for this area of forensic science grows, these services are not only being requested by legal agencies, but also by small companies and large corporations alike.



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