Top Five Cloud Backup And Recovery Software Vendors Revealed

People seem to wonder about the cloud backup and recovery market. So this article presents information about the top five backup and recovery software vendors revealed. It appears to be that on-demand cloud service providers will have a major influence in relation to significantly boosting the cloud backup and recovery software market on an impressive global scale.

  1. CA Technology has its beginnings in the year 1974. It is presently based with its headquarters in New York in the nation of the United States of America. This company is responsible for designing and marketing licenses. It also provides support for standard computer software products. This company has five thousand one hundred employees across the globe and has a revenue of approximately $4.26 billion in USD. This company is the proud owner of one thousand patients across the world. It achieved the impressive accomplishment of being able to invest $600 million USD into the development of software per year.


  1. CommVault Systems provides consumers with data management software applications and other associated services. This company plays a key role in developing, selling and marketing a wide spectrum of data management software applications in order to manage and protect data during the entire lifecycle of the data. This company was established in the year of 1996 but previously had commenced as a development group that was associated with Bell Labs in the year of 1988. This company has formed strategic liaisons with high industry companies such as Microsoft, Hitachi Data Systems, VMware and even HP. It grants solutions as needed by mid-sized and large enterprise in the industry today.


  1. EMC was established in the year of 1979 and has placed its operational headquarters in Hopkinton within the nation of the United States of America. This company is responsible for marketing a massive selection of products to the nations of China, Brazil, Israel, France, Russia, Ireland, Singapore, India and even the United States of America. This company is able to provide information security, data storage, analytics, virtualization, cloud computing, along with other products and services that empower businesses to be able to manage, store, protect and analyze all their pertinent data.


  1. Microsoft is known around the world. It has its beginnings relating to the year 1975. This company has established its headquarters in Washington in the nation of the United States of America. Its primary function is to develop, license and support a wide scope of software products and related services. The company is able to offer solutions to the industrial market that include server applications for distributed computing, business application devices, servers, phones, productivity solutions, desktop management tools and even server management tools.


  1. IBM is also a world leader and well known. It is stationed with a headquarters in New York in the nation of the United States of America. This company provides a vast array of hardware, software, consulting services and even infrastructure services. This company provides employment for more than three hundred seventy-nine thousand and five hundred employees over the span of one hundred and seventy-five nations across the world. IBM functions in serving multiple varied industries, which include the automotive industry, banking, chemicals and petroleum industries, communications, insurance, life sciences, media, entertainment, metal industries, mining and even retail.







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